Splatter Fest 2023 Paintball Big Game

When: Jun 10, 2023 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Producer: Combat Zone

  1. Pricing
    1. Entry.
      1. Pre-register: $45
      2. Walk on: $55
      3. Standard rental package: $20.
    2. Paint prices will increase $10 the day of the event

  1. Teams
    1. Red
    2. Blue

  1. Paint
    1. Event paint only.
    2. You can save money by pre-registering paint instead of buying it the day of the event.
      1. You can pick up your pre-register paint when you check in.
    3. First Strike rounds are allowed.

  1. Markers
    1. No marker may exceed 285 FPS.
    2. Once the game starts, any player caught shooting at 300 FPS or higher will be ejected without a refund.
    3. Max BPS is 13.
    4. Semi auto only.
      1. One pull and release of the trigger may only shoot 1 paintball.
    5. When not on the field, all markers must have a barrel cover.
    6. No homemade markers,

  1. Shields
    1. Maximum Dimensions: 3 ft wide x 5 ft tall when flat.
    2. If the shield is curved, the shield material should be enough for 3 ft wide x 5 ft tall dimensions.
    3. If the curved shield exceeds those dimensions while flat, the shield is not allowed.
    4. Shields cannot be made where they can lock with each other to create a bigger shield.
    5. Shields cannot touch another shield for defense, meaning players cannot connect shields to make impenetrable shield walls otherwise the players in question will be eliminated.
    6. You must lean out from behind the shield to shoot. Treat it like a regular bunker when shooting.
    7. Firing while looking through the transparent window of a shield is not allowed.
    8. If the player holding the shield is hit anywhere other than the front of the shield by paintballs, they are eliminated.
    9. If the player holding the shield has been directly hit by any explosive/grenade, that player and all players within 5 feet radius of the shield player, are eliminated by the nearest ref that witnessed it.
    10. IMPORTANT NOTE: When a shield player is eliminated, that player will take that shield with them. The shield WILL NOT be left on the field or handed off to another player.

  1. Gameplay
    1. Melee weapons must be made of foam, rubber or wood.
      1. No stabbing or thrusting.
      2. No two handed strikes.
      3. All “melee” kills must be “taps.”
      4. We reserve the right to confiscate your melee weapon if you are deemed unworthy or unsafe.
    2. GHILLIE SUITS: If you are wearing a ghillie suit, ALL PAINT HITS, including bounces, count.

  1. Pyro / Grenades
    1. No smoke or pyro for this event due to fire risk.
    2. Paint grenades
      1. If any amount of paint from a paint grenade hits a player they are out.
    3. Thunder B’s or other noise grenades
      1. Any player within 5 ft radius of point of explosion are out

  1. Hit calling/respawns.
    1. Paintball hits the approximate size of a quarter counts as an elimination.
    2. Splatter from non-direct hits does not count.
      1. Example of this would be if a ball broke on the tree next to you and paint splatter from that got on you.
    3. Any shots to your body, equipment, marker, barrel, hopper and tank count.
      1. The only thing that can be shot is your shield. See Shield rules.
    4. Bounces do not count unless you’re wearing a ghillie suit.
    5. If any amount of paint from a paint grenade hits you, you’re out.
    6. All hits on your body, equipment, marker, barrel and hopper count.
    7. When you are “hit” you raise your hand or marker above your head and walk back to respawn.
    8. While walking back to respawn, you may not give game information such as player positions away.
    9. You may not fake being dead.
    10. Surrenders aren’t mandatory and are discouraged.
    11. Once you’re back at respawn, you must wipe off all paint marks on yourself and gear.

We will be keeping points, the winning team's players will receive an extra raffle ticket.


8am-9am: Check in.

9am-9:30: Rules brief.

10am: Start game.

10am-11am: Mission 1: Cups

  • Each team has a bucket of water in their spawn.
  • In the middle of the field are two water jugs.
  • Players must fill their marked water jug using cups of water brought from spawn.
  • Players may only hold 1 cup at a time.
  • If a player is shot while holding a cup of water they must dump it out immediately
  • The team that has more water in their jug wins 25 points

11am-12pm: Mission 2: Domination.

  • There will be 5 flags across the field.
  • This is an unlimited respawn game.
  • Refs will report control every 10 mins.
  • 1 point awarded to the team in control of the flag at every check. 50 points possible.

12pm-1pm: Mission 3: Team Tie Fighter

  • Each player is given 3 Ties.
  • This is an unlimited respawn game as long as you have at least one tie in your possession.
  • When you die you drop a tie.
  • If you are alive you can pick up ties.
  • You can share ties with any player that is alive and has ties in their possession.
  • You cannot give ties to players that are dead and/or have no ties.
  • A player without ties must leave the field.
  • At 30 minutes the field will start shrinking. Every 10 minutes past that the field will shrink again.
  • A player may respawn on any vehicle as long as they have ties and a vehicle is available in the current play zone.
  • The team with the most ties at the end of the hour will be the winner and get 25 points. The player with the most ties will get a free pass.

1pm-2pm: Lunch break.

2pm-3pm: Mission 4: Rule of 9

  • General will pick 9 players from their team. Blue will be given Green arm bands and Red and will be given Yellow arm bands.
  • If one of the 9 players is shot, they must sit down for 60 seconds.
  • While that player is in their 60 second time out, any opposing player may touch the arm band and say “RULE OF 9”. Then the player removes their arm band and give it to the opposing player.
  • The opposing player must take that arm band immediately to their General. They may not fire their marker or engage in any offensive way. They must immediately return to their General. If a ref determines that they are not following this rule the armband will be taken from them and given to a nearby opposing player
  • If the player is shot while transporting the arm band, they must immediately drop it on the ground.
  • A dropped armband can be recovered. It must be immediately returned to their General who will issue it back to one of the 9 when they come back to respawn.
  • There will be a ref at both spawn points to ensure this happens correctly.
  • If the General is killed by an opposing player they must drop all of the armbands they are carrying and return to their base to respawn. They may not retrieve the armbands dropped personally but their team must do it for them 1 at a time. Armband rules apply.
  • No player may hold more than 1 armband of the same color at any time.
  • The 9 players may not hide at their spawn.
  • The team with the most armbands at the end of the hour, wins 25 points.

3pm-4pm: Mission 5: Bomb Defusal.

  • Each Round will be 20 minutes and there will be 2 rounds
  • The team with the bomb will attempt to blow up 1 of 3 bomb locations
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors between Generals to see who starts with the bomb
  • If the player holding the bomb is killed they will immediately drop the bomb. Opposing team may not touch or manipulate the bomb in any way but can guard it.
  • The bomb will take 1 minute to arm and 3 minutes to detonate. Defusal will take 1 minute.
  • There will be 10 minutes for reloading in between matches.
  • Successful detonation is worth 10 points and a successful defusal is worth 10 points

4pm: Raffle. Bye.